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Raymond Ronald Karczewski©. a 79yr Old Living Christ
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Welcome to Ark Enterprises. Your plan for Spiritual and Political Liberation!

Everyone knows what its like to live in hell, Watch Hundreds of Videos to learn how to get out of hell

New World Consciousness

8-6-17, Effective immediately All public writings on this living /Christ's  websites and other sites on the Internet shall cease to be.  All existing public writings shall continue to exist only on my two websites at  and but new writings and videos shall not be included.

For 22 years, I have offered freely, Information of monumental Spiritual import only to be attacked viciously by Government, including a failed attempt at imprisoning this Living Christ for FORTY YEARS and its dis info agents, who have declared this Living Christ to be dead, only to be ignored by the vast Satanically conditioned public.

My solution is to interact and contract  privarely with select contributors who exist beyond the Satanic Legal System, through Private contributions at $10 dollars per month on a private email list -- renewable monthly.  Larger donations will be prorated at $10 per month per access to the Videos and articles. So all you Philantropists out there, here is your chance for lifetime subscription.

Both my Desktop and Laptop are on their Last Legs due to chronic hacking.  It is time for you strapped taxed and Tythed men and women to break the bonds that ENSLAVE YOU!

Only Cash, Silver and gold shall be accepted as contributions to Raymond Ronald Karczewski© (your silent protest to the coming collapse of the financial system) at General Delivery, Cave Junction Oregon [97523] or 27550 Redwood Highway, Cave Junction Oregon, [97523]

For all you philanthropists and idle Satanically-conditioned sheeple out there, it's time to WAKE UP

The rest of you ARE ON YOUR OWN!
Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

As of This Date, 8-6-17, All Future Articles  and videos will be Privately Disseminated by this Living Christ via Email on a private Free Will subscription basis. Existing files shall remain public.  Let us Remove ourselves from the Satanic Courts and Bankers Death Grip.  Let us construct a NEW WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS where Cooperation and free will donations privately replace public JURISDICTION with its competitiveness and usury! 

Raymond Ronald Karczewski© -- A Living Christ

This Living Christ Remains Public

Please disregard my earlier message of discontinuing public communications via my Articles and videos and making them private with a subscription monthly fee.

I would not be able to service all with my videos and articles in a private vein,  Therefore all communications will remain public at no cost.  However, if you see value in what you receive, do consider donating VIA THE INSTRUCTIONS on my websites  and  All donation are considered free will and private donations thereby bypassing the jurisdiction of the Satanic Courts.

 I planned to go private to meet the needs of the spiritual and cut out the profane, but that does not seem to be possible under the present circumstances. 

I regret the inconvenience I am causing you in not the using the public banking system via system internet links but my vision was to show the government and banking industry that Individuals can  break the back of Corporate Government and its court's control/jurisdiction over public contracting and engage in private contracting guaranteed to all via the US Constitution  thus placing all monetary interactions beyond the jurisdiction of Government and banks and still make a living.

My Computers need replacement, They bear the wear of chronic hacking, but I will not bend to Satanic means to play the Satanic Game,  If you have benefited from my articles and videos, your appreciation can be shown by donating via the instructions on my website.  It also gives me an idea of how big an audience I have out there.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

This Oasis of Peace within a Troubled World is dedicated to my wife Anita who has stood by me and shared the darkness that was the light.

 It is a place for  all "Christs with Amnesia"  who have searched a lifetime for the Spiritual Liberation promised by Religions, only to find themselves drawn further into the meatgrinder of human relationship in a Satanically ruled civilized  world.
A promise is made to you here and now. Come with an open mind and an open heart, and you shall experience the Truth which liberates all.

I am not an Entertainer.  I am not a Salesman.  I am not an Evangelist. I am not an Organizer. I am not a Leader looking for followers.  I am not a Teacher.  In essence I am  merely  a Simple Man of Truth, a Christ, A spiritual NOBODY who understands the blessings of such and wishes to share them with all who are ready for the arduous Trip of Self-Discovery..

Many of you will be taking the first step in Spiritual Liberation by viewing this site despite the notoriety, noise and conflict surrounding the name Raymond Ronald Karczewski© on the Internet.  At the deeper levels of your worldly conditioned consciousness, you possess the spiritual eyes that see, and ears that hear, even though you may still be struggling within to fully understand these experiences.

That is how this Spiritual Web Site will operate -- Through evoking Self-Revelation!

Real first names will be required in all dialogues that will conducted elsewhere on this site.  No content of this site may be reproduced elsewhere on the Internet without the express written permission of Raymond Ronald Karczewski.

This is an experience in Soul Searching, in understanding and disintegrating the conditioning of an unhealthy, worldly conditioned ego. 

Your destiny is to return to your True Estate of Christ Consciousness, -- A Healthy Ego.

This Site is simplicity made manifest, for it is Truth alone which requires no manipulation to be seen.

This site does not  endorse nor encourage BELIEF.  Leave such illusions of counterfeit Truth where they belong -- In the Hell you left behind.

Be quiet. Pay attention to what you read and especially to your reactions toward what you read, for that is the process of  Deconditioning in action.  No one can liberate you BUT YOU!

All you will get from me is Truth.  You may do with it what you will.

All Essay Links and Sound Files are Copyrighted and may not be reproduced and shared outside this Site without written permission from me, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© .

I ask that you be patient as I undertake the task of distilling an ocean of words into the thimble of  Spiritual Understanding so that each may drink according to their thirst.

Do not tarry at the Letter of the Word, but be like the bee that flits from flower to flower, extracts the essence, the nectar, the spirit of the word and moves on., carrying with it no unnecessary baggage.

A return to Divine Awareness will be your natural transition from the Hell of worldly conditioning to a well-deserved Heavenly Peace of Mind; for you too are about to face the Darkness that is ultimately the Light which liberates the imprisoned intellect.

If you read the Spiritual and Political Essays in addition to listening to the Sound Files with quiet intent, you will  find the Liberation which has eluded you all your life.  This site is not for the frivolous,. It is probably the most important information you shall ever be exposed to in your lifetime, information that has been kept hidden from you by those who control your thoughts in your daily lives. One thing is certain. Your Spiritual and Political Leaders DO NOT WANT you to read it.

This informationa is for all "who have the eyes to see and ears to hear".  Times are difficult, and will become worse before they get better.  For those who see the value of this site, consider assisting me in keeping this site "Project Spiritual Liberation" open and viable with a donation  of  $10.00 per month, or whatever you can afford, and/or through the purchase of my books and tapes.  See order information.   This project will operate on the "Honor" System.



From Birth to death Civilized Man has been Living a Lie which has been programmed into him!

This Programming  of the Intellect is SATANIC CONDITIONING

Welcome to the HOME PAGE of a LIVING CHRIST!


How Much are You Tithing to Your Satanic Mind Controlling Church and  Vatican?

What price do you place on TRUTH?




This Spiritual  experiment will be based on A new world Consciousness of Mutual Cooperation of Private Contracting  between two private parties  Not the Satanic Public Contracting of the NEW WORLD ORDER which includes the third party of Government and its Courts.

It introduces a NEW WAY OF LIFE and is NON-COMMERCIAL

It will be based on  Good Will DONATIONS

My past and future writings along witth my  You Tube Videos for the past 22 years SHALL CONTINUE to be  Free!  All  will be accorded access to the writings  of this Living Christ regardless of the amount at the rate of suggested $10 per month renewable each month.

I tire of dispensing Truth to the vast Majority of Satanic Slaves  who have shown they are not WORTHY OF Truth but time is short and we must act now to avoid what is to befall Civilized Mankind.

The essence of what is to come in my future writing is the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, A DEPARTURE from Satanic Conditioning and HELL ON EARTH to a life of HEAVEN ON EARTH!  What is that worth to you?  I have changed my mind about making this site a private site so as to allow the poor who cannot afford it to share the chance for salvation, but those of you who can afford must assist financially in keeping the site alive and viable.

You CANNOT be FREE if you continue to remain Satanically Mind Controlled via Governmenr and Religion.  Let this Living Christ show you what a freeman looks like taken as a result of ACTUAL LIFE Experiences.

There can be NO EXCUSE but for Satanic Temptations to rationalize how much you tithe to your Satanic Mind Controlling ChURCH and VATICAN and what kind of world has emanated from Centuries of such Conditioning!

Contact Information:   Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, General Delivery, Cave Junction, OREGON [97523]



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